One Love Re-Release in February 2016


LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!! SIX WEEKS AND COUNTING!!!! Xpress Yourself Publishing will be re-releasing my ESSENCE Best Selling Novel One Love on Tuesday, 9 February 2016!

What happens when a poet struggling to find inspiration crosses paths with a single woman frustrated with her career and the dating scene who secretly yearns to re-embrace her heart’s desire: singing? Bill Holmes answers that question and more in One Love, the hot, masterful, and intense ESSENCE Best Selling Novel!

* * * * *

Excerpt from One Love:

She always looked sharp going to work, and today was no exception . The one thing about her, which always turned me on, was the confidence in her stride. There was something so commanding about the way she walked, like Maxine Shaw from Living Single. I wasn’t sure if she was an attorney, but she had that elegant, classy beauty like Vanessa L. Williams. The linen khaki business suit she was sportin’ on this humid June morning worked well against her cinnamon complexion. Her auburn shoulder length she usually wore down was pinned up.

Uh oh, she must have realized I’d been checking her out because she made eye contact with me. The quizzical look on her face told me she thought she might know me, too. But she wasn’t certain either. She sat down in the empty seat across the aisle from me, next to the balding white gut sleeping against the window. “Hi,” I said. “Good morning,” she replied.

* * * * *

I’m excited for One Love’s re-release in 2016 as I’m re-launching my literary career. For those who missed out the first time around, here’s your chance to purchase this compelling, hilarious, and well-written novel. More information regarding One Love and my literary endeavors will be coming soon.

Take care and be blessed.


“Every word I write is an extension of my breath, my heart, and my soul that I want the world to share and to remember long after my life has come to an end.”


About Bill's Universal Expressions!

Poet, writer, therapist, and ESSENCE Best Selling and future New York Times Best Selling author.
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