The 90 Day Letter

Last week, I facilitated a journaling group counseling session where I asked my clients to write a letter to themselves 90 days from now. The idea for this assignment came from a creative writing exercise I did back in January 2014 where I wrote a pre-dated letter to myself to be read the following year. Prior to completing the task, I meditated for several minutes to invite the Creator into the writing session. I identified several personal and professional goals that I accomplished in 2014.

I received positive feedback along with some introspection from most of the group participants. Last Saturday, March 7, 2015, I decided to write a 90 day letter to myself during one of my creative moments. What was good for the clients could be good for the counselor, right? I followed the same approach as I did back in January 2014 for this current assignment: acknowledge my Creator to invite spirit into my writing. I meditated for several minutes, pondering the things I intend to seek and accomplish during this period. I’ve been reading the letter for the past four days to keep myself motivated to be proactive with my life. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone as the cliché goes. Anywho, here’s my 90 day letter:

5 June 2015

Dear Bill:

I pray this letter finds you in excellent spirits, my friend. That’s what I’m hoping because that’s exactly what you need in your life. I don’t have the chance to tell you this, and I know I should say this more often, but I love you, brother, and I’m so proud of you. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why did he say that?” Well, my friend, I’m glad you asked me that question.

You became depressed, Bill, since you discovered back in February that you tore a ligament in your left wrist from a weightlifting accident last winter. You felt angry at yourself for being so careless trying to inflate your male ego now that you’re in your mid-forties. You were unable to lift weights to exercise your upper body. That was nothing compared to the challenges you faced when trying to write when your fingers on your left hand started hurting and cramping. Wearing an uncomfortable cast that exposed your skin to the bitter cold of the winter weather pissed you the hell off. It also didn’t help matters having to shovel snow on the few days when we had some, which only contributed towards more pain and delaying the healing process. That’s alright because all that’s behind you. Yes, indeed. Your wrist has healed and the swelling has decreased. You still experience pain sometimes, but you didn’t allow the injury to define you, just like you didn’t allow depression to do so either for your life. That’s why I have so much love and pride in you, man.

For the past 90 days, I admired how you took proactive steps towards setting and accomplishing short-term goals. You took personal inventory of every aspect of your life due to your unhappiness with the progress you thought you would’ve made at the beginning of 2015. You felt like this was a nightmare that you kept constantly having until you decided that enough was enough. Mm hmmm. You recalled your favorite lyric from Jill Scott’s song “Can’t Explain (42nd Street Happenstance)” and took action: if you have a nightmare, doesn’t mean you stop dreamin’. Absolutely. This was no time to allow your self-confidence and faith to be hindered by your fears.

Congratulations, Bill, on having a fantastic 90 days! You finally finished revising and submitting works to your publisher and you’ve got some new irons in your creative fires. You got your financial house together by staying consistent with your money management goals. You made better efforts to start communicating with your loved ones to keep your support system strong and intact. You took better care of yourself through exercise and spirituality. The one thing you did that impressed me the most was that you let go of things beyond your control and from your past that no longer served any purpose in your life. That was very critical and necessary for your personal growth and development. You wouldn’t be the man you are today as you’re reading these words had you not done so. Let’s definitely keep up the momentum, brother, and I’ll see you in another 90 days come 3 September 2015.

Take care and be blessed!


                                                                                                            Bill Holmes


About Bill's Universal Expressions!

Poet, writer, therapist, and ESSENCE Best Selling and future New York Times Best Selling author.
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2 Responses to The 90 Day Letter

  1. An Early Congratulations, Bill, on having a fantastic 90 days!

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