My Year of Living Fearlessly

I am a talented writer, poet, and author who is afraid of living a prosperous and successful life. I allow my fears to interfere with my creativity. I’d rather see and motivate others to pursue and accomplish their dreams than desire the same for my dreams. Sometimes I’m unable to acknowledge the brilliance that others recognize inside my spirit. In the past, I have associated myself with individuals who attempted to sabotage my confidence by their jealousy, letting their words and presence in my life.

That last paragraph is probably the most difficult, honest, and refreshing statement I’ve ever written and shared in my life. I feel relieved to finally address the feelings because they are real. That negativity has poisoned my thoughts and emotions for as long as I can remember. Every human being is afraid of something. If someone claims they’re fearless, they’re lying. There’s nothing wrong with having fears, but there’s a problem with allowing fear to master an individual’s life. This has occurred too often  when it comes to accomplishing my literary endeavors, allowing potential ideas for novels, poems, short stories, and blog posts to disappear from my memory or remain neglected inside my mind that could have made a positive difference to some reader.

If there’s one important lesson I learned in the year 2014 and that is to never sacrifice my creativity for anyone or anything on this planet. To do so not only dishonors myself as a human being, but also dishonors my Creator who has blessed me with a wonderful gift. In my opinion, creativity is an amazing aspect of spirituality that the Creator blesses human beings to glorify the Most High to express our talents. As a person creates, that individual gives honor and praise to the Creator, which empowers others to do the same with their creativity.

Now that the year 2015 has officially arrived, I’m declaring the next 365 days to be my year of living fearlessly when it comes to my creativity. I’m excited and looking forward to taking risks and being uncertain about the future rather than being intimidated of the thought of writing, sharing, and publishing my work. This will be the year where I step aside to allow my imagination to explore and discover new ideas; to encourage and motivate myself to be my best artistic self so I can assist others to do the same; to accept and approve my spirit’s brilliance; and to surround myself with kindred, positive spirits who unconditionally love and uplift me in my literary endeavors as I reciprocate the same sentiments.

Take care and be blessed!



About Bill's Universal Expressions!

Poet, writer, therapist, and ESSENCE Best Selling and future New York Times Best Selling author.
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