Letter to God – 17 September 2014

Dear God:

Thank You for allowing me to witness the beginning of a blessed and beautiful day! Thank You for loving and being so good to me in spite of myself! Thank You for being my rock and the foundation of my strength and inspiration!

It’s almost 2:00 a.m. and the sun won’t rise for a few more hours. I should be asleep, but it’s been difficult for me to do so these past few weeks. I will not complain because I’m taking this opportunity to give You thanks and praise, Lord, for all that I am. I thank You, God, my Creator and Spirit, because without Your presence in my life, I would not be the man I am today. You have blessed me in so many ways, sometimes I’m not deserving of Your unconditional love, grace, and mercy. It means the world to me that You have never forsaken me despite my shortsightedness when fear and doubt creep into my mind, body, and spirit. Yes, indeed.

There’s been a lot on my mind lately, God, regarding my current financial situation. I am struggling, Lord, but the world has not come to an end yet. No, I’m still alive and that is the ultimate blessing. I’m able to think thoughts inside my mind, inhale and exhale breath to and from my body, and give You praise to uplift my own spirit. Sometimes I take on too much searching for ways to resolve this dilemma, which may be contributing to my current state of depression. Yes, God, I’m unashamed to confess I’m struggling through another battle of depression. It’s not a pleasant experience for me to feel lethargic and unenthusiastic about doing the things I normally would do to bring me joy. I know that this season will come and go in its own time and place, which is why I’m not worried. No, been there, done that. Sometimes I forget and need to remind myself that just as there was tranquility prior to the storm’s arrival, it will be there after its departure. I have more mastery over my thoughts and emotions than I give myself credit.

I have to thank You, God, my Creator and Spirit, for this amazing gift of writing. The past nine and half weeks, I’ve drawn so much closer to my creativity than I have done so when I first started taking it seriously. I’ve gained such tremendous strength and courage to discover that I do have a voice. It is indeed a powerful voice that I could choose to bless or to curse. Fortunately, I chose the former to bless You, my loved ones, and every living creature who has been affected by my work. Writing is so therapeutic for me and it is my healing. Despite the depressed feelings that have caused me to miss days of exercising, skip meals, and lose sleep, I never stopped writing. I pressed on to write to heal myself and to also honor You. It is during this time period I recognized the true connection between creativity and spirituality. To take my thoughts and feelings and translate them into words to express an idea in its various literary form that touches another human being’s life in a positive way is truly awesome and inspiring. When I write, Lord, I honor You, my Creator and Spirit.

In Jesus’s precious name, I pray for thanksgiving. Amen.


Bill Holmes


About Bill's Universal Expressions!

Poet, writer, therapist, and ESSENCE Best Selling and future New York Times Best Selling author.
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