My Artist Prayer

My spirituality is an important factor in my life. It is my direct and personal relationship with my Creator that provides me with certain attributes like strength, courage, wisdom, guidance, healing, and, most importantly, love. Sometimes I take my spirituality for granted because I lose perspective and focus when I get caught up in everyday living. Sometimes I place this on the shelf only to be used when trouble arises, which is not a good thing. My spirituality needs to be embraced at all times. Fortunately, my Creator continues to forgive me for being shortsighted and continues to unconditionally love me.

Lately, I’ve been incorporating my spirituality into my creativity. This is something I’ve never done in the past up until this year when I decided to pray and/or meditate before I sit down and write. This practice became more apparent for me when I purchased and started reading Julia Cameron’s the Artist’s Way earlier this summer after having a conversation with my friend amd former creative writing student Malaika Carpenter. I highly recommend for any creative person to purchase this powerful, life-changing text. As an artist, I’ve never felt more empowered since I started reading the Artist’s Way six weeks ago. The main objective of this book is for artists to rejuvenate their talents and passion to become more attuned to their creativity through spirituality. The artist is required to spend a half hour to an hour (depending upon how fast one can type) writing at a minimum three morning pages when he or she first wakes up for a twelve-week period. In addition, each week addresses a different topic where the artist is required to do certain assignments to further enhance his or her creativity like having a sense of identity, safety, or power. For some, this can be optional, and I will admit that I don’t always participate in the extra tasks.

Two weeks ago, I had a task to create an Artist Prayer, which I was instructed to use every day that week. Cameron provides an example of her Artist Prayer inside the Artist’s Way on pages 223-224. I didn’t participate in this assignment initially because I felt intimidated by this simple assignment. However, I recognize its validity because, in my opinion, there is a powerful connection between spirituality and creativity. This is something I discovered, and currently do so, when I’m writing my morning pages. Some of the ideas that have emerged during my sessions have been nothing short of amazing when I incorporate my spirituality into these assignments. An example of one idea that popped inside my mind last week is the following affirmation:

“My creativity is a spiritual connection between myself and the Most High. When I’m creative, I give Him honor and praise for this magnificent gift when it is used as a blessing. When I’m creative, I empower others to excel and be their very best, which only empowers me to do the same.”

This week, I’m required to read my or Cameron’s Artist Prayer once daily. As I wrote my morning pages assignment for today, I felt inspired to finally write my Artist Prayer. After meditating upon this thought, here’s what emerged from my creativity:

Dear Creator:

Thank You for allowing me to witness the beginning of a blessed and beautiful day. Thank You for loving and being so good to me in spite of myself. Thank You for being my strength and the foundation of my inspiration.

I come to You giving thanks and praise for this amazing, life-changing gift of creativity. I love to express myself through my passion because it is an essential part of who I am; I wouldn’t be the man and the artist I am today without Your presence into my life. I have discovered my voice with every word written and verse recited through my talent. When I am creative, I am alive.

I also have to give You thanks for the opportunity to use my creativity to inspire others. It is indescribable to capture the feeling that pulsates through my spirit when I utilize this gift. I become emotionally touched when I’m able to make a positive impact upon someone who has been affected by my works. My creativity brings meaning and purpose into my life beyond my personal desires, and that is so empowering. When I share my creativity, I am blessed.

I would like to ask You to continue using my creativity as a positive means to enhance myself and others. Please open my mind to be receptive to new ideas that require me to step outside my comfort zone. Please renew my body so that I have the strength to invigorate my passion to express these new ideas. Please humble my spirit to recognize that these new ideas give You glory since my creativity honors You, my Creator.


Bill Holmes


About Bill's Universal Expressions!

Poet, writer, therapist, and ESSENCE Best Selling and future New York Times Best Selling author.
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