Creative Mondays, Christmas Parties, and Peace of Mind

So, I designated today as being Creative Monday. I always do because for me it’s a nice way to begin my week on a productive note. Some people associate Mondays as being dreadful having to go back to work. I decided to take the optimistic viewpoint to see the glass as being half-full and it has done positive wonders for my outlook. I came up with this idea several months ago when I started teaching my creative-writing class, Write Here! Write Now!, on Monday evenings at Temple University’s PASCEP (Pan-African Studies Continuing Education Program) non-profit organization. I didn’t want to spend Monday thinking about homework for grad school or doing anything work-related for my part-time job. No, Monday would be my day to do something creative that stimulated my imagination. In the past, I would spend some time journal writing, but not today. I wasn’t in the mood to do so. I had a lot on my mind today and it was actually a more productive day for me. I managed to purchase some Christmas cards this afternoon and I need to get them out before the end of the week.

Speaking of Christmas, I still can’t believe Christmas is less than two weeks away. December is moving fast, and pretty soon, it will be the end of the year. I haven’t started shopping yet, but that doesn’t really matter to me since I’m notorious for doing so at the last minute. I don’t even decorate in my house and, matter of fact, I never done so in the three years that I moved to Sicklerville. I do have a little Christmas tree I could pull out and decorate, but what’s the point? I usually don’t have any company and I spend the holidays making my rounds to visit my loved ones on Christmas Day. Afterwards, I pack my suitcase and spend the rest of the week visiting my parents in Virginia. I’m not sure what I’m going to do this year. I’m still undecided about my holiday plans. I’m attending two Christmas parties this coming weekend: one at my Dad’s house and the other at my sister Tanya’s house. I’m grateful that both parties are within close proximity of each other and I don’t have to wind up driving across Philly. Someday I’d like to have a Christmas party at my house with my loved ones. Yes, that would be nice, just to invite my close friends and immediate family over to celebrate the holidays. Hmmmm, that sounds like an excellent idea and I think I have a new goal for 2012.

Speaking of goals, I discussed my 2011 goals after rambling about my latest battle with the flu in my last blog entry. My 2011 primary goal was taking care of my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being on a consistent basis. I thought about some of the goals I would like to accomplish in 2012 last weekend. All of them will still be interlinked to my take care and be blessed mantra. There is one goal I’d like to accomplish for next year: having peace of mind. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have peace in certain aspects of my life. I do worry about things that are beyond my control and it has brought some unnecessary turmoil into my life. Last week’s bout with the flu was a perfect example. I wish it could be easy for me to relax, relate, and release a la Whitley Gilbert, but it’s practically impossible. This is an inherited trait from my maternal grandmother, but I am learning how to accept things the way that they are. I really would love to mediate more often than I currently do, and I’m not about to wait until January 1st to get started.

Take care and be blessed,



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