“When you put your goals in front of others, there’s accountability.” – Laura Skladzinski

Now that I’ve taken care of my weekly homework assignments for grad school, it’s time for me to write. I have no choice to do so. I’m tired of procrastinating and leaving so many ideas on the backburner of my imagination. It’s also necessary for me to hold myself
accountable for all of my creative projects. Accountability is a subject that interests me. Individuals are accountable for their actions and thoughts. They have responsibilities not only to themselves, but also to others, including family, friend, employers, etc.

Earlier this year, I wrote a paper about accountability in the counseling profession for one of my grad school courses. That was one of my favorite assignments to write because the subject matter touched upon how counselors should themselves accountable for the counseling services they provide. Obviously, counselors are responsible to ensure that their clients are making significant progress in achieving their counseling goals.
They are also responsible for the effectiveness of their services to third-party payers from whom they are seeking reimbursement. In addition, they are ethically and legally responsible for the effectiveness of their services to the counseling profession itself to protect their clients’ well-being from harm. If counselors are ineffective in their jobs, then they need to modify their practice methodology when change is warranted.

I have accountability to myself, to my readers, and to my profession as a writer. I have creative goals that I want to accomplish, but if I don’t put in the time and effort to do so, then they will remain unfulfilled. It is so easy for me to make an excuse as to why I can’t write, but I can’t do so anymore. I don’t think I could live with myself if I never made the attempt. I have to make the commitment to write when the opportunity presents itself, especially during those moments when I feel exhausted and can’t think straight. It can be something easy and simple as jotting down some ideas in my journal or writing a blog about accountability on my laptop. I also have to make my goals public even though I hate doing so. It forces me to be accountable and to walk the walk if I’m going to talk the talk.

I am accountable to my readers to keep writing and producing new literary projects. Their support means everything to me because they didn’t have to buy a novel or a spoken-word CD; however, they did so because they were touched by something I created and want more. They also hold me accountable when they approach me in my travels and ask, “When is your new book coming out, Bill?” I don’t like many promises I can’t keep and I hate making excuses as to why I haven’t written something. Believe me, I’ve been
there and done that too many times. I’m forced to do what I need to do so that
I won’t let them down. Hopefully, the faithful will not be disappointed when my
memoir, In the End, is finally released in 2012.

I am also accountable to the literary profession. I have high standards for myself as a writer and an author. I’ve met some authors who have written and published novels and books that are unbearable for me to read because they can’t write for crap. They don’t take
the time to study the basics such as learning how to write a sentence, spell a word correctly, or use proper grammar. I can’t write a book or a novel with my name attached to the cover that would display my shortcomings. I’m constantly scanning this blog for mistakes I made while I composed it, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation (If I made an error, please let me know). In my opinion, every writer should make the effort to commit him or herself to understand and learn their craft. After all, a person has one
shot to make a first impression, pardon the cliché.

Okay, that’s enough venting. Now it’s time for me to me squeeze in some more creative writing.

Take care and be blessed.





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Poet, writer, therapist, and ESSENCE Best Selling and future New York Times Best Selling author.
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