Haiku, Haiku, and Haiku


I write to find the                                                                                                                         courage to overcome my                                                                                                     insecurities.

Copyright © 2011 by Bill Holmes.                                                                                                    All rights reserved.

I wrote the above haiku last April in my attempt to participate in a 30-day challenge to write 30 poems during National Poetry Month. I didn’t complete the challenge because I had so much on my plate at the time with attending graduate school and attempting to purse a new career endeavor that I’ve put on hold. Sometimes I have to shake my head and some of the tasks I leave uncompleted at times. My closest friends have always complimented me about being consistent in the accomplishment of my goals, and I appreciate and thank them for their kind words. However, I do have my moments when I procrastinate and projects on hold, especially the ones concerning my creative endeavors. The pages of my journals contain some really brilliant ideas waiting to be explored
and crafted, and they will be in due time. Right now, there’s no need to beat myself up over nothing because what’s done is done and the past is behind me. That reminds me about another haiku I also wrote that captures that sentiment.


I have no regrets                                                                                                                              about the decisions I                                                                                                                       make on my journey.

Copyright © 2011 by Bill Holmes.                                                                                                     All rights reserved.

I love that haiku because it’s one of my personal favorites. I actually thought about putting that one on a t-shirt. Why not? It’s very empowering and I can envision myself rocking a black t-shirt with bold red letters displaying my haiku. Why the color red? It’s my favorite color and also represents strength, ferocity, and determination (that’s just my opinion)! I wear that haiku on my sleeve because it represents my passion and commitment to excel in my creative endeavors, which have taken me into an amazing 15-year journey since I had my first poem, “Peace of Mind,” published in the Philadelphia Tribune. Wow, that does seem like a lifetime ago. Back then, I didn’t take my writing seriously and was only as a hobby, just to create love letters for my then-fiancé. I got the chills as I wrote that last sentence because sometimes I forgot I was engaged to get married. Again, that also seems like a lifetime ago, but that’s another story. As I stated above, the past is behind me, which reminds me about another haiku I wrote back in April.


Releasing tension                                                                                                                transcending limitations                                                                                                             making new progress.

Copyright © 2011 by Bill Holmes.                                                                                                     All rights reserved.

Now this haiku amplifies Unapologetic a thousand fold and I’m also considering rocking this one on a black t-shirt emblazoned with red letters. I’m so excited about some of my creative endeavors that are looming on the horizon in the near and immediate future. My new memoir, In the End, will be published next year, which has been my most challenging creative project to date. I’ll be participating in a fiction writing workshop in less than two weeks conducted by Bernice McFadden to jumpstart my imagination. I’m also participating in a 100-day online blog challenge that will require me to write and post a blog at least between once to seven times a week. I’m making better commitments and
efforts to write in my journal even though I feel more comfortable doing so on my laptop. It doesn’t matter as long as I keep writing because when I do so, I’m in my element; I’m alive and breathing. Like my motto that I also wear close to my heart on my sleeve, every word I write is an extension of my breath, my heart, and my soul that I want the world to share and to remember long after my life has come to an end.

Take care and be blessed.



About Bill's Universal Expressions!

Poet, writer, therapist, and ESSENCE Best Selling and future New York Times Best Selling author.
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